Writerly Time Management

I think the hardest part of pushing the book right now is navigating the waters of creativity in other ways. Namely – the two novels and the plot bunny that won’t leave me alone. That doesn’t count my sorely neglected life as a blogger for the Utah Jazz. My poor family is begging me to start with the writing again so I’ll stop talking to them about the team. I need more sports fan friends … but I digress. My eyes stare at glowing screens all day at work and I get home only to turn on my computer and stare at the screen some more. My butt has a permanent imprint on my couch. When was the last time I curled up with a book and just enjoyed? When did I last unplug and let the characters really talk to me?

I find myself asking these questions and thinking these thoughts while staring at a glowing screen. It’s beautiful outside and I have Pink’s “Glitter in the Air” on repeat because the aforementioned plot bunny seems to demand it. I take breaks to stretch and twist while I write because the blood needs to keep flowing and here I am, still writing.

The part of me that is logical demands better time management. If I work from 8-5, go home, work out from 5-6, eat dinner from 6-7, publicize from 7-8, write from 8-10 … but I just don’t operate like that. I promise you that when that routine is put in front of me, oh shiny syndrome kicks into high gear. No, I’m a list person. I function better when the list is put in front of me and I can cross things off as I go. You should see the lists on post it notes in my office. And yes, they are all crossed off in different ways. In fact, I just threw one out. Anyway, precise schedules don’t work during basketball season, especially in March. (Again with the sports references …)

This is the same part of me that rejects anything to do with writing outlines. See, when I started this blog post, it was going to be about being a queer/pagan writer in Salt Lake. See where the muse took me. And trust me, this post is a lot more fun than the other one would have been. Don’t ask me how I know this, I just do. (Pause for another full body stretch to keep the blood flowing.)

So, as the clock ticks closer to the next thing I need to be doing, I have to keep myself from going to the pubslush site and seeing if just one more person has decided it’s worth it to take a risk on something that is not yet proved “Worthy” by some bestseller list. I will post this and hope it gets attention and that someone laughs while they read it. I’ll go home and make a pot of coffee and prepare myself for a night of writing – but somewhere in there that girlfriend of mine deserves some one-on-one time. I need to find some time to get the blood flowing. I have to stop staring at the clock. It, and the calendar, are going to drive me crazy. Nope, it’s all about lists.


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Writer. Metalhead. Pitbull Mom. Geek. Bisexual. Poly. Activist.

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