The Inspiration of Rock Fiction

I remember the moment I realized there was a genre called “rock fiction.” I was in Sam Weller’s book seller, wandering the shelves and shelves, when I stumbled upon a collection of the best in “rock fiction.” I remember grabbing the book from the shelf, in shock, thinking I’d been alone in the world. Only I was writing rock fiction stories. Of course, this wasn’t true. Even now I can think back to a book I loved when I was about ten or twelve – I can’t remember the name to save my life but it was about a girl who helped out with a band. Funny, I can see the image on the cover clear as day. But, I digress.

Rock fiction. Really, it’s a modern fairy tale. Rock stars and sports heroes are the new creatures of mythology. We crave the flashy lights they live in, even when we know nothing about them. Fan sites are full of fanfiction involving band members, fans follow bands from show to show, twitter knows before anyone else when someone sneezes. Like it or not, this is our world. These stars who live in spotlights expose the shadows in our minds. The inspire that which we set aside – the need to sing and dance, the passions of love and hate; they shed the tears we are scared of.

So if you think about it, rock fiction is only fiction in the sense that the names have been changed to protect all of us. We are as much the star as we are the fan within these stories.  And if you haven’t discovered the power of rock fiction, let me direct you to Sherman Alexie’s Reservation Blues. As an adult, that was the book that reopened my mind, exposing my own desires to tell these stories. As a story teller, I hope that I will someday spin a world as clearly as Alexie, but I do take comfort in my love of this story.

And I hope that you will also find a connection to my stars and shadows. .


About vegawriters

Writer. Metalhead. Pitbull Mom. Geek. Bisexual. Poly. Activist.

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