The Next Big Thing?

What if you’d been on the committee that made the decision to publish Harry Potter? The Hunger Games? Even Twilight? What would you have said? A resounding yes? A hearty no? What comments would you have made? What connections would you have wanted to make with the authors? What if you had been the one to help unearth a superstar?

Now, you actually have that chance. Pubslush is a new kind of publisher for the 21st century. Readers decide what books get published, and for every book sold, a book is donated to a child in need. By the people, for the people!

The process is simple. First, authors submit ten pages and a summary of their book. Then, Pubslush lets you, the reader, browse the submissions based on your preferences. You read a brief overview, and if it strikes your fancy, you click through to read a more in depth description. If you’re still interested, you read an excerpt. And if that leaves you wanting more, you support it (which is committing to preorder the book)! You don’t get charged unless the book is published, so there’s no risk. And for every book sold, Pubslush donates a book to a child in need.*

The key however, is support. Reader supporting writer and the writers cannot do it without your help. Publication doesn’t happen without preordering. Writers have 120 days to secure 1000 of those preorders and then, the publication process begins. But what’s great for you, the reader, is that if you pledge to support a book, you get the recognition of discovering something great.

So what does this have to do with me?

Well …

Inspired by the music of Queensryche, Iron Maiden, Queen, Metallica, Judas Priest, and more – Shadows in the Spotlight is the story of Marc Gadling, a young musician who is navigating the waters of the emerging metal scene in Los Angeles, the gay counter culture in the city, and the rising fears of what came to be known as HIV/AIDS. It tells the story of his family – the brother who loves him unconditionally, the lover who dies too young, the best friend who is the silent sentinel, and the young prodigy who proves that even after death, there is life.

Here’s how it works. Shadows in the Spotlight is one of the books available for preorder on If you like what you read, place a preorder as a promise, a promise that you will purchase this book once it is made available to buy. The thing is, this book cannot get published without your preorder and time is running out. If you’re wondering what you’re getting, Shadows in the Spotlight has a proven track record. An excerpt was published in the 2010 QSalt Lake Literary edition and it won the Honorable Mention in the 53rd Annual Utah Arts Council Fiction Writing Competition (2011).

For the past 40 days, support has been growing. But it isn’t enough. 958 preorders are still needed in the next three months to secure publication. If you like your books peppered with heavy hitting doses of rock music, fairy tales of boys who make it big, and stories of how family is formed through passion and not blood, take note of what Shadows in the Spotlight has for you.

*Language taken from’s website.


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