A moment of honesty: What I’ve Learned from the last 81 days with PubSlush

I’m sitting in a local coffee shop, dreaming of a nap, and I find myself thinking back to what I could have done better over the last 81 days with PubSlush and what I can still do over the next 39.

I’ve got the FaceBook advertising down pat, though I still could do better with Twitter. I’ve learned that I fall into the “FB is Everywhere” mentality and so I don’t follow up on other social networks like I could. Those networks aren’t just twitter, but Good Reads and Tumblr as well. I could do better on this blog, of course, and on the PubSlush site.

The thing I haven’t done well at all is network with other writers. There’s a million blogs out there, a million twitter accounts, and I could do more. But see, that’s the issue. There’s a million blogs out there and I’m just not sure where to start and what I have the energy for. I’ve learned there are some sites that just aren’t worth it for me and there are some sites I haven’t utilized enough.

So, it isn’t over yet, but like with any campaign, it’s time to regroup and see what I’ve got out there. I’ll just have to sleep when I’m dead.


About vegawriters

Writer. Metalhead. Pitbull Mom. Geek. Bisexual. Poly. Activist.

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