After Pubslush and Beyond

A little over a week ago, my four month run with Pubslush came to an end. It was a fantastic run with a publishing company that I am truly behind, 100%. They offer what many writers want out of a publishing house – professional editing, management of distribution contracts, etc. while allowing writers the chance to market to a general public rather than to an agent sitting in a room surrounded by a slushpile. But one of the reasons I made the choice to try my hand through them was because of their promise that for every book purchased, they would donate one to their child literacy programs around the world. When kids read, the world changes. Yes, that got me going.

Over the last four months, I’ve had the time to really look at the self-publishing world and the realities within it. I’ve had conversations, arguments, had my belief structure challenged about different platforms and had my ideas get shot out of the sky and then affirmed again.

The truth is, I want to do this right. But I’m still not sure what right is. That being said, for all of the research I have done, “right” means having some kind of capital behind me so that I can afford all of the things I just can’t afford right now. From editing to marketing to having the money to have booths at local festivals to going to writing conferences to buying my own ISBN numbers. And even more so, the reason I was drawn to Pubslush was their commitment to giving back. All of that matters to me.

So, I have ideas. No, I’m not sharing them here. Not yet. I’m not sharing them because the research isn’t done and I don’t want to charge in without knowing everything. But I have ideas. I’m not opposed to trying the regular routes. A lot of authors who self-publish have agents to help them with those nasty details.  I’m also not opposed to trying Pubslush again (if they will have me). While I work on the new marketing plan, I will be submitting Shadows in the Spotlight to a new agent. I have been submitted to two places recently and I will have poetry published in the upcoming When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution zine.

The point is, you can’t kill a revolution and Shadows in the Spotlight is one. It’s about the families that form where you don’t expect them to form. It’s not just about the passion of the stage and the organized chaos of the pit, but the realities that exist in the shadows behind that spotlight. It isn’t always about the guitar solo – more often than not, it’s about the bass.



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