You, my friend, are the Gerbil Jesus … and other things overheard at coffee shops

Okay, so the Gerbil Jesus thing was something that came up at my table – my sister in law recounting a conversation that my sister had with their cats the other day.

See, we (we being my little writing circle here in Salt Lake) have at tendency to hang out at coffee shops. It’s not an uncommon thing. Coffee, internet access, and quasi social interaction over the top of our notebooks and laptop covers. It forces us writers out of our apartments and off our couches into situations where we can hopefully hold each other accountable for words written or research done. What it usually does is end up compiling quotes from the tables around us, quotes that I swear I will use in a story but are so bizarre that I forget them by the time I get home.

From our table just in the last hour: I hate you, I feel there was a message on face book that I wanted to read but I forgot what it was, and the smell of fried cheese …. and the one just said: Oh, I know, it was that one from Tami with that awkward (car races by) lack of a penis. Don’t worry, it’s okay that you don’t have a penis. We’re not going to judge you!

There was the conversation between baby hipster dykes at another table – they were challenging each other’s height. And the conversation that I swear started with “The Armenians in this town …”

The point of all this rambling is that coffee shops can produce great lines and scenes. Especially if you’re at our table. In the last five minutes – we’ve talked about submissions for queer anthologies that don’t want bisexuals, how happy endings suck, and of course the realities of living in Utah (read: KIDS EVERYWHERE!)

Meanwhile – we’re still hungry. But yes, as Stephanie just said, “Yes, that place is a zoo.” And we’re back to the anthology talk.

“Did you know there’s a creation myth about that?”


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Writer. Metalhead. Pitbull Mom. Geek. Bisexual. Poly. Activist.

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  1. I am VERY EXCITED to start work so I have an excuse to already be near you all and join you!

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