The perils of being a writer in the digital marketing age …

Holy Cripes, Guys. This totally just happened.

This is where writers can get into trouble in the new age, I guess.

I’ve been doing some minimal research on things regarding the reproductive system. Writing a lot about endometriosis and the like – one of my characters is wishing like crazy she didn’t have to have the hysterectomy that’s coming up for her. So, my browser history has stuff on babyhood and the like. Also, one of my characters that I RP with, her best friend is about to have a baby. So of course there’s been some talk back and forth that way too. Of course, I am also very vocal about my opposition to things such as the outlaw of abortion and so I talk a lot about reproductive arts. And a co-worker’s wife is pregnant and we just had a baby shower in the office and so I’ve mentioned that on twitter as well.

Well today in the mail, I got a package, a whole PACKAGE from Similac – which is a FORMULA BRAND. Not only am I not pregnant, not only am I not having sex with men at the moment, I have made the choice to be child free. Yet, Similac seems to think that I am in fact pregnant. So much so that I have a FEEDING KIT now sitting in my apartment. Yes, a feeding kit.

I’m still laughing.

This is just too fucking hilarious.

But now I’m terrified. I mean, my browser history has everything from research on Huntington’s to how to determine time of death to the forensic programs in the FBI to living with HIV to being a gay basketball player.

What else is going to get sent to my house?


This must have been how Mary found out she was pregnant! She had a feeding kit delivered to her! By donkey!

(Apologies for being absent. Have been on a deadline. Will ramble about it soon.)


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  1. Wow! This really creeps me out! And makes me angry that a formula company would do that! I’m creeped, humphy, and I suppose laughing at the irony at the same time!

  2. Your browser history is immaterial. You’re tracked in real time, as you click links. Cookie and tracking blockers can stop some of it, but not all (I have Adblock Plus, NoScript and Ghostery installed in all browsers). There have been some articles recently about researchers who can produce accurate profiles about you from just a few tracked links.

    Give up the notion of privacy. There is no such think any more. You are a wallet, a bank account to drain, nothing more.

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