I woke up wanting to write.

That’s either a good thing or a sign of my ego thinking that everyone on the planet deserves to hear my opinion, so we’ll see how this mood directs me.

I can say though that one reason I want to keep up this blog is because I need some kind of public way to comment. I logged into facebook this morning and I saw Shaun King posting story after story of the hate crimes that are confirmed since the election and I got ready in to reblog and I couldn’t. Because I live in a social media echo chamber and I couldn’t keep traumatizing my marginalized friends and family who have already felt and seen this. Over and over again.

A friend in that same echo chamber posted about how she needs to walk away for a while. From the echo chamber. Because she just needs to get her head back together.

I was speaking with another friend last night and he was talking about how he hasn’t gone out to any of the protests yet because he needs to figure out where his focus is going to be with his activism. Too much of everything and we all get burned out.

My neighbor is a musician and she said this morning that she can’t even look at social media. She’s just entering the world through music. That’s how she’s dealing with this.

My mother and I were talking last night about her years in activism and how there comes a point where you just stop wanting to get arrested – no matter the cause.

And all of these feelings are valid.

It’s going to be a long four years and we need to figure out what works best for us, each, individually. Some of my dearest friends are going to be at every rally. Some are going to be educating everyone they know. Some are going to make sure their kids are safe every night.

Someone I respect tweeted out this morning – “There is an implicit nobility in fighting for yourself or your family or even your country. Be guided by purpose not vanity.”

I really like that. Are we, as we come together in this brewing storm that is about to be Trump’s America, fighting to show we fight or are we doing it for a purpose. For me, for my friends and family, I can say completely it is about purpose, but I think his words are a good reminder of what can be the risk of our next four years of protesting.

She says, writing a blog post into the void of the internet.

I guess my point is simple for the morning:

Pick your battles because we’re in a war. I hate using that term, but we are. We have been, really, since 1492. But right now, there’s a war on, like it or not. And the President Elect used his position of power during the campaign to light fires and fan the flames of Othering in this nation. At this point, his policy positions are all but irrelevant because he is the face of every single hate crime that is happening right now.

But, to my point, pick your battles. You can’t be everywhere. You can’t fight everything. And your echo chamber can cause sensory overload.

Still, though, follow Shaun King. He’s doing the work most reporters aren’t: he’s covering each and every hate crime that he can. Follow Dalton Walker, Elon James White, Amy Goodman, and more. Support journalists of color and listen, really listen, to what they’re saying.

And make sure you’re on the phone to the local district offices of your congressional delegation. Tweets and facebook won’t help. CALL THEM. Locally.

Just remember – the echo chamber might be loud and traumatic, but this stuff is happening – whether we’re reblogging it or not.

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