Album Review: Mixed Episode, The Secret VI


Artist: The Secret VI

Album: Mixed Episode

Format: Digital

Label: Independent

Track Listing: 

  1. Plastic Smile
  2. You’re All Bark
  3. Driven

The first 30 seconds of a song are crucial for the listener, and those first 30 seconds off The Secret VI’s new EP, Mixed Episode, are rough. But once through the initial chords, The Secret VI blasts out melodic nu-metal bass lines and vocals that demand attention.

Mixed Episode’s biggest problem is that with only three songs, there isn’t enough time to fall into the harmonies being created by the band. Plastic Smile, the first song in the mix, is exactly what the title of the song implies, with lyrics that criticize popular culture’s desire for false perfection. The other songs on the EP are stronger; full of much heavier, head-banging tones. You’re All Bark is a highlight of lead singer Marc Padgett’s ability to bring the Nu-Metal stylings, but the strongest track is Driven, which nothing but good, hard edge Heavy Metal.

Worth a listen, Mixed Episode is a mere trailer for what this band from Bakersfield is capable of.

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