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Season 14 of CSI has begun. We’re almost to episode 300. I should really get this blogging thing started.

I hated the Hodges/Elisabetta thing. It was an on principle hatred. Forgetting that I DESPERATELY wanted Hodges to be bisexual, I could put it aside if they gave him a normal girlfriend. They gave him this Italian bombshell who just … it didn’t work. And, apparently the writers agreed with me. Which is nice since you know, they have no reason to care in the LEAST.

But something hit me today.

In the scene where it becomes clear that the relationship MUST END (the cake scene) something stuck out. The description of the romance – quick and passionate, swept up in the romance. And it falls apart.

This is where my shipper heart kicks in.

There was nothing quick and passionate about Grissom and Sara. Nothing. It was slogging through quicksand for years. Maybe. Just maybe. Maybe they are throwing us a bone. I don’t think so. My gut says that they had a plan that fell completely apart and now, being written into a corner, they just don’t know how to close it off. Other fans have said it: if they fix it off screen, it feels forced. And they can’t fix it on screen without demands for Billy that just can’t happen. So they’re between a rock and a hard place. But, I can’t help but wonder if it is a hint, just a hint, of respect to the different relationships.

I’ve given up expecting anything. I’m not saying I’m disappointed although no. Okay. The lack of follow up of any kind is really getting frustrating … so … okay, I’m disappointed in that. Sara is still sleeping alone and worse, there hasn’t been any kind of real … moment about things this season. She’s just a single, over-worked criminalist again. How does that give us more of her character without Grissom? I got why the writers felt the need to introduce this story line. But it feels like they are now victims of their own really good idea.

This implosion in my fandom has given me reason to explore whole new ideas with characters in my fanfiction and given me reason to connect to fans around the globe while we hold each other as close as the internet will allow. I don’t know what the writers have in store. It feels like they don’t know either. And I guess that’s okay. It wasn’t until just the other day that I knew what was in store for this character in the book I’m writing and I’m on the third draft. So there you go.

But for just a minute while watching the episode (#4 if you are curious) I let myself hope that it was an example. That sometimes some relationships can be fixed. We’ll see. 18 episodes to go. 5 days to #300.

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