Can’t Have One Without the Other

The truth is, I am a Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann liberal. What I mean by that is these are two liberals I very much agree with and so they are where I get much of my “commentary” while I get a lot of my news from The Nation and from the New York Times. I have tried and tried to watch/listen to Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly but I can’t go for more than five minutes without wanting to throw something at my television. I wish I could because they probably have important points. But their presentation of those points escapes my liberal elitist ears.

I am, however, glad to know that my friends cross a range of political and religious backgrounds. It makes my life richer to know that I can hang out with (as I’ve dubbed them) “Glen Beck republicans” and devout Mormons just as easily as I can people of my own stripes and faith. But, recently, posts on facebook from one of these friends have made me step back and have left a bad taste in my mouth.

This person, who shall remain nameless, links to posts on a blog called (as far as I can tell) Walls of the City. And he’s been linking to an incident that happened in Tennessee with a man named Jose Guerena and the local SWAT team. As far as I can tell, Walls of the City is an open blog where members post about breaches of individual rights, mostly in relationship to gun ownership, the second amendment, and perceived injustices against gun owners. But that is not all there is to this blog and it’s been interesting to scroll through some of the posts because we are not as far apart as people like to think.

But it’s the name of this post he is linking to that always stops me cold. “Welcome to the Police State.” Really? Really? While I am not always in favor of choices made by local law enforcement, there are choices being made by supposed supports of gun ownership that are much more frightening.

The more I read, or try to read, and learn about gun ownership and the more I slog through the rhetoric, one thing becomes clear to me: the majority of the people who are staunch supporters of the 2nd amendment (in a more violent fashion) are also the people who want to curb a woman’s right to do just about anything – except possibly shoot a gun.

From what I can tell, and correct me if I’m wrong, their definition of “individual rights” does not extend to a woman’s right to have an abortion or to use contraception or to have a private conversation with her doctor. How is it that gun ownership is a god-given right when guns are man made, but the right to control our god-given bodies is not?

I know this is a generalization, but it is a generalization that seems to run rampant in this community. As a liberal woman who lives in a very conservative state, I pay close attention when any of my rights are infringed. Especially my rights as a woman. To me, the police state is the excessive curbing of the rights of women and so, I live in one and I have for my entire life.

When a country educates women not just in the general sense but gives them access to reproductive care, education, and contraception, the society does better. When women can be in control of their bodies and their futures, society does better. This is one of those individual rights that the conservatives should be jumping on. If conservatives really believed in small government, they’d believe in it for everyone, not just people who wield guns.

I’m not in favor of repealing the second amendment. I have friends to like to hunt and friends who are responsible gun owners. If they want to honor the second amendment that way, that is fine. I am in favor of regulation. I do not want semi-automatic guns in the hands of people who will cause harm to others. I do not want to hear of any more children being shot on the way home from school.

FYI, I am in favor of the regulation of abortion. It is a medical procedure and needs to be done safely so that women do not die after it is performed. By taking away the right, it moves abortion to the back alleys and to providers who will harm women.

In my commie-pinko-lefty-liberal mind, you cannot be pro-life and also support the death penalty. You cannot declare the United States to be a Christian Nation and then turn away those that Christ himself would put at the front of the line to help. And you cannot be for the second amendment all the while supporting to strip women of their individual rights.

Just something to think about.

By the way, Gabby Giffords was released from the hospital today.

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