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Fandom is a funny thing …

It’s 12:43. I should be asleep but the coffee’s got me awake and so I’m waiting for the wine to kick in. (Shut up, it’s healthy in some universe.)

Anyway. I’ve been making some changes in my writing life over the past couple of weeks. Now that Pride is over, I’ve been looking more and more at freelancing work – you know, so I can stop saying I’m a writer and actually be a writer. There’s some connection in there about showing and not telling, but it is later than I should be awake.

But the other thing that I’ve been doing since Pride is getting established with the Sick Puppies World Crew Ambassador crowd. It’s been an interesting process because as I’ve been doing it, I’ve been reminded about the power of fandom when you want it to succeed, when fandom has the potential to be family.

If you aren’t aware of the Sick Puppies, don’t worry. A year ago, I wasn’t either beyond “Oh, they’re the guys who sing Maybe.” I was introduced to them at a concert, one I’d attended because of Lacuna Coil. Imagine my astonishment when the veteran Italian rockers were not the headliners but instead this upstart trio – who proceeded to blow the doors off of the terribly designed venue. Never have I been so glad to stick around.

There’s something special about a band that just wants to rock, but few bands out there have transcendent talent. (Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale is one of those, but you can see my fangirling for that in earlier posts.) The truth is, what makes Sick Puppies isn’t just the kickass awesomeness they bring to a show, but the rhythm stylings of Emma Anzai, who commands the stage and the bass she wields. And that was what I took away with me after the show.

I went home, I researched the band, I got into their music, and I did what I haven’t done in years – I joined up with a webforum to meet other fans. I mean, wasn’t that what facebook was for?! Nope. I joined up. And it was then that I realized these guys had something special. So, I took the next step and this past week joined the ranks of the Ambassadors – those who are determined to help Sick Puppies achieve world domination. I’m highly amused by that tagline because my friends like to say that I’m trying to achieve world domination with my writing. I’m not sure it’s happened yet. 😉

But this cycles me back to my point – the power of fandom.

Used to be, those of us who were passionate about something, unless it was sports (Go Jazz!) were treated like outcasts. We were the geeks and the nerds and the laughter-snorting dweebs who sat around in dark rooms and watched our shows to the point of memorization and wrote fanfic and dressed up in costumes and … and … let’s not forget: Star Trek is a billion dollar franchise because fans kept it alive. Farscape’s mini-series was funded by fans.

But the truth is, nothing is supported without fans and fandom. If you look at the history of the rock/metal/punk world in the states, it was kept alive by fans trading garage recorded tapes and zines. Volunteers who got to venues early and stayed late and helped their friends do something amazing.

So here I am, getting involved in fandom again by doing something other than hanging out on message boards and posting fanfic. (Don’t ever knock fanfic.) This time I’m rolling up my sleeves and helping – whatever that might be. And it feels good because helping good music be spread around the world is a hell of a lot more fun than just hitting refresh on youtube videos and gushing about the latest song to my friends. And I hope that every single one of you out there has something that inspires you to engage. Something that inspires you to get involved. Something … fun that also matters to you.

I’m not sure if this makes sense, but it’s 1:06. So I’m sure it doesn’t.

Peace, to any of you who are reading.


I have been writing! (part 1)

I run two blogs (well, I run more than that but these are the ones that get mentioned on my resume) and for the last couple of weeks my brain has been focused on fandom. Can’t think why … oh .. yeah. CSI. Anyway. Just a couple of quick links over to my other blog and there will be a real update on this bi-writer and life here in SLC this weekend. 🙂

Post #1 – Tonight, I am REALLY not Defending Fandom

Oi! Okay, we are talking about something that isn’t CSI.

It might be a little bit CSI related, but not in a “please, let’s not destroy Sara any more” kind of way. Instead, this is something I’ve been thinking about for a couple of days.

The other day, I came across this twitter conversation between two people who really don’t know me from Adam. One is a writer over at CSI Files – an insider kind of blog for fans of CSI run by Shane Saunders. Shane and I have talked a few times on twitter and I’ve probably annoyed the crap out of him, but that’s neither here nor there. The other has a connection to the show.

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Post #2 – What Do The Counting Crows and CSI Have in Common?

I don’t know what it is, but ever since Forget Me Not aired, the Counting Crows have been on repeat on my playlist. There’s something about the 13th season’s depth of character within this dark TV world that seems to fit the kind of melancholy hopefulness of Adam Duritz and his band of fellows. The soft strains of songs like Round Here and Raining in Baltimore and Angels of the Silences speak volumes about life and broken hearts and eventual redemption. They also serve as a reminder that the people who write and act and produce and direct our favorite shows (and yes, this is about CSI) are as human as the characters who leap from the screen and into the hearts of the viewers who follow week to week. Yes, if you don’t think that these characters are as real as you and me and your best friend, then I don’t know what to say to you other than please keep reading. Because, when a character speaks to someone, that character becomes a friend, becomes a life saver, becomes a way to communicate with the rest of the world. Some people communicate through fan fiction, some through graphics, some through bonding together and talking. You see, there is no right or wrong way to do fandom. (There are ways to be a person, but I’ve already addressed those in other posts.)

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Keep writing!

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